Yoga Teachers at Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India

Yogi Sidharth

yogi sidharth

Yogi Sidharth was born in Eastern India. He was a graduate working for telecommunications before he left his job to follow the spiritual path. He has been practicing various kinds of yoga for over 5 years. He travelled all over india and learnt yoga from a lot of spiritual gurus. He is disciple of Shree Shree Ravi Sankar. He has been successful in Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Iyenger yoga and started teaching Astanga Yoga at Ashtanga yoga school Rishikesh.

After spending many years practicing and learning Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Iyenger yoga, he is now devoted to preach Yoga and give back what he learnt.


Swami Biswamvhar

Swami Biswamvhar was born in east India called as Orrisa. He left home when he was a child to search for god. He has been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga yoga since he was a child and learned from many gurus. He has studied Gita, Ramayan, Bhagabad Gita,Upnisad, Vedas, Vedantas, Patanjali yoga sutras etc.

His aim is to spread the knowledge of yoga to all over world.



Dr. Vivek Mohindra

Visiting Professor European Institute Of Scientific Research In Ayurveda (E.I.S.R.A.) Netherlands, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Human Resources Management, B.A.M.S, Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Vivek is a Internationally recognised teacher of Ayurveda and Indian Philosophy with experience of teaching globally. His teaching on Ayurveda and Yogic Philosophy is easily to digest for Westerns. Dr. Vivek holds a strong knowledgeof Ayurveda and is excellent in creating a natural cohesion between the individual and the world. By implementing Ayurvedic psychology and using basic Ayurvedic tools/treatments and herbs in daily routine you will find yourself better grounded within weeks. His teachings in class are not only great fun, but also very stimulating for continuing to follow the holistic path of Yoga and Ayurveda.


Dr. Dev Dutt

Dr. Dev Dutt have taught yoga for 5 years (Theory and Practical) in the deptt of Phy. Education Kurukshetra. Worked as yoga teacher in Mauritius for 3 years. Worked in Saudi Arabia for 2 years as a personal yoga instructor withRoyal family. Worked for 12 years as yoga Therapist Drug-De-Addiction Center, Kurukshetra, India.

First position at the National Declamation contest organized by all India Yoga Federation.
Published articles by Dr Dev Dutt in “India View” A monthly publication of indian high commision in Mauritius.

Yoga –A Modern view
Yoga–Total Perspective
Yoga and Relaxation
Yoga and Meditation
Kundalini–A Manifesration
Yoga and ayurveda
Yoga Therapy
Yoga and Diet
Delivered talk on Radio and Television on yoga and related topics.
Now he adviser as a yoga expert in world famous yoga city Rishikesh
Presentely associated as Director of Ashtanga Yoga School